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PET Audi Sepang Blue

PET Audi Sepang Blue

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PET material vinyl becomes the most popular, smooth surface, unlike regular Vinyl. It doesn’t have Orange peel looking when you finish the installation. NiceWrap has the largest color selection available in the Vinyl film market. We know you BEST because we went through what you are going through now. High-quality, Affordable prices, and Easy to install are the keys. NiceWrap exists for Creative and Protective.

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Thickness (Face Only) 4 mil
Thickness (Adhesive) 1.7 mil
Protective Liner PET Liner
Release Liner PET Liner
Adhesive High Viscosity
Removability Long Tearm Removable High Viscosity
Standard Size Roll 60 in x 65 ft (60" x 780")
Post-Heat Temperature 175 F - 185 F (79.5 C - 85 C)
Recommended Installation Area Temperature 70 F - 80 F (24 C - 26.5 C)
Storage Period 3 Years from the Manufactured Date in lndoor Storage
Chemical Resistance Resists Sub Acidity,Sub alkaline and Sodium Chloride.
Application Method

​Dry Application Only