Which film is better for car stickers?

Which film is better for car stickers?
dyed film
Dyeing film is an early product of automotive film, which can play the role of anti-glare and privacy protection, and the price is relatively cheap; but the production process is poor, the heat insulation function decays quickly, it is easy to fade under long-term light, and the clarity is poor. Air bubbles may also appear.

metal film
Ordinary metal films are made of aluminum, iron and other metals by electroplating. Most of them are single-layer metal films. Compared with dyed films, the heat insulation and explosion-proof ability are improved, which can make the car look better. However, it is easy to be oxidized and has average transparency. The thermal explosion-proof capability is limited and the price is not low.

Multilayer Optical Film
The multi-layer optical film combines the advantages of metal film and nano-ceramic film. Through advanced technical processing, the metal coating and nano-ceramic film are superimposed, but the thickness is only 0.05mm, which has high light transmittance, good heat insulation and long life. Long, no electromagnetic signal interference and other advantages.
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